a fiber lesson

by jessica harshman

My last white on white look before summer ends. I found this leather-studded skirt at one of my favorite consignment stores in Los Angeles, Ampersand. Amazing assortment. 

Today's post is about fiber education, or as you may know it, the small words inside your garment label. Firstly I want to say that you should definitely pay attention to the material of your clothes because their fiber content and price should correlate. I.e a silk blouse should cost more than a Polyester one. So, this blouse is viscose. Viscose (also known as rayon) is the oldest manmade fiber. It was invented to mimic silk, with its drapability and lustrous hand. Drapability and luster aside, viscose is one of the worst fibers in terms of resiliency (wrinkle resistance). So while this blouse looks beautiful on camera, I should mention that I had to carefully steam it before this shoot – and the fresh steam lasted less than ten minutes. The lesson: if you are going to wear viscose in warm weather, particularly white which shows everything, prepare for a wrinkly, wrinkly day. 

Wearing: Zara blouse - similar, Vintage skirt - similar, Michael Kors shoes - similar

Photography by Goldie Rosenfeld

Text editing by Grace Delia