Oui, Oui, Oui

by jessica harshman

Oui, Oui, Oui! Today marks the two-week countdown until I leave for Paris. In honor of my forthcoming French-scapade I'm working on my messy mane, French-style tuck-in. How am I doing? Très chic?

Apart from developing my Parisian persona, which is neuf vies (nine lives) by the way, I'm focusing on how to strategically pack a month of Paris-worthy outfits into one checked bag. I'll admit, unabashedly, I have become a skilled packer, although usually for no longer than a week-long trip. My strategy is to pack shoes first then work my way upwards, making sure each garment I pack can be worn at least three different ways.

Note: while I promise that I will arrive in Paris with only one checked bag, I can make no guarantee on how many bags I will return with. 

Wearing: Wilfred dress, my roommate's H&M blazer - similar, Joe's pumps, BCBG bag, Frisk rings

Photography by Goldie Rosenfeld

Text editing by Grace Piro Delia