for the thrift of it

by jessica harshman

Shoes omitted, this is a fully thrifted look. I found my newest prized possession, a Springbok cross body bag, at Buffalo Exchange and coordinated it with my roommate's Mandarin-collared one-piece she also scored there. Thrifting is more than a simple transaction for me; it’s a satiating hobby. The challenge of digging through dusty-smelling racks, flipping past prom gowns of bygone adolescents, to then discover a heavy southwestern fringe-suede coat at a fraction of the current market retail price is beyond exhilarating. It’s euphoric.

So, to achieve maximum thrift-store success, I suggest keeping these golden rules in mind: don’t go into it with a specific item in mind -- the chances of you finding the perfect dress to wear on tonight’s date are slim. Be in open-minded and think long-term (i.e. be open to buying a fur coat in summer). Focus on material rather than style -- trends come and go but good fabrics/skins endure. Be brand-aware. And if you like it, buy it, because it won’t be there next week. And lastly, try on everything that catches your eye – you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.

Wearing: Thrifted jumpsuit - similar, Thrifted bag - similar, Free People shoes

Photography by Alexis Olivia Kafkis

Text editing by Grace Piro Delia