sartorial seduction

by jessica harshman

"Beyond it's creativity, renewal or money, it is glamour that proves fashion's perpetual seduction: glamour and its reflex of idealization on to which every hope and fantasy can be projected; glamour and its implicit promise of a life devoid of mediocrity."

I came across this brilliant quote in the book I just started reading, The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake. I love this piece because it captures exactly why I wake up every morning and dress with purpose. Besides the literal high I get from curating a specific aesthetically pleasing look, I love fashion because of its ability to affect the wearer internally. You can choose who you want to be or what you want to exude that day by your uniform. Unfortunately your personality is not the first thing people see when they look at you; but, fortunately we are able to choose - through clothes and confidence -- what we exude. For me, I feel my best when my outer cloth shell is in sync with my inner being. So today, I walk in the office with poise and intention. I'm eager to be a student of my business. 

Wearing: Intermix trousers, Gerard Darel suede trench -similar, L'agence top - similar, Joe's shoes, BCBG bag - similar

Text editing by Grace Delia

Photography by Goldie Rosenfeld