the janis bell

by jessica harshman

Novella Royale has struck gold with their Janis Bell. These pants -- which come in an assortment of prints -- sell out like hot fire, which is no wonder considering what they do for a woman. I mean, do my legs not look, like, a mile long? I love these pants because they are extremely flattering, incredibly comfortable, and a great conversation starter. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that they're made entirely from recycled fabrics either. 

A few weeks back I was playing dress up in my closet, trying to rework some of my pieces to make them "work appropriate," when I had the idea to pair my groovy bells with a blazer. I think the off-white silk blouse compliments the pants nicely, but the burgundy blazer is what really pulls the look together. The other two looks, featuring turquoise and fringe, are iconically in tune with psychedelic 60s. A sartorial ode to Janis Joplin. 

Photography by Goldie Rosenfeld

Text editing by Grace Delia