the golden state

by jessica harshman


First post from my new home, Los Angeles! I moved almost three weeks ago and between traveling to SF, Chicago and decorating my new apartment, the time has flown by. This weekend I went to the Melrose Trading Post and my God, that place is unreal. Booths on booths on booths of new and old treasures, there’s something for everyone. I bought a dresser and nightstand, silver jewels and two dresses both by Purr Remake. Needless to say I’ll be going back every Sunday.

I’m wearing my new favorites from the Melrose Trading Post: Purr Remake dress, (they are yet to launch their online store but when they do I’ll post about it) and my new Vida Kush ring and cuff. Now off to the Dodgers game :) I’m slowly falling for you, Boss Angeles.

Photography by my lovely new roomie, Alysson Feil