ace & jig

by jessica harshman

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Photography by Kjell Ellefson 

Ace&Jig is a clothing company I just recently discovered while shopping at Nod & Rose in Boulder, Colorado. My mom actually picked out this dress for me while she and the rest of my family were here for my graduation and once I slipped on this linen piece there was no hesitation about whether to buy it or not. As you can see, the neon coral poke-dots contrast well with the gray stripes on this semi-sheer breezy dress. What you can't see though is that this little number has pockets on the hips and pictures do not seem to do justice of the super soft woven fabric, which all of Ace&Jig pieces are made from. While searching for new designers on I spotted Ace&Jig and noticed that this pattern is available in a skirt and tank. I have to be honest though, had I not seen this dress in person it's unlikely that I would have bought it online because Ace&Jig pieces are all about the material. Next time you walk into a boutique or department store look out for Ace&Jig, and take it from me, you will not be disappointed. 

Shop some of my favorite Ace&Jig pieces below