puppy season

by jessica harshman


 Mutt Savers Rescue basically allows college students to rent (foster) puppies for a week. This little 8 week old girl is Mayla, my friend's temporary pup. After the week rental is up Mutt Savers hopes that the foster parent will adopt the cutie but if not, the dog goes to the puppy fair on Sunday where there are crowds of Boulderites ready to adopt. Every week a new batch of puppies come in from Kansas and thanks to this amazing organization the Hill is never short of adorable puppies. 

In anticipation of spring I broke out my old white vans and wore tube socks -- such a poser cali bro. I'm also wearing my new H&M floral jacket, which I have gotten so much use of out lately, you can get a similar one here

I'm on the hunt for graduation dresses. And yes, I mean "dresses" because I have three nights of celebration. Here are a few that have caught my eye but I am yet to find any winners. I'm hoping to buy a lilac or pastel colored dress dress and a bright printed one. As usual, click the pic to buy.