by jessica harshman


Photography by Amanda Rubino, one of the owners of Frisk. 

Lemme tell you about the hill's hidden gem -- Frisk. Frisk is my favorite jewelry store in Boulder by a long shot. It is a mother and two-daughter business that I love supporting because, aside from their fabulously feline brand name, the vintage merchandise is so unique and well priced and the owners are equally amazing themselves. I am a ring hoarder and Frisk has been a huge contributor to my addiction. It's rare that I ever go out without repping something Frisky. If you are in the Boulder area and are yet to check out Frisk, then tisk tisk, get your tookus to Frisk! Also, I was just featured on Frisk's blog The Frisky Life, which the above pictures are from. The post was about the cameo collar I am wearing and two other girls styled the piece differently (and all the jewelry I'm wearing is from Frisk).

For those of you unlucky souls not residing in Boulder, Frisk has an awesome website

Below are my most coveted Frisk pieces that I am yet to purchase. Click the pic to buy!