case of the hump days

by jessica harshman


I'm trying hard to stay positive about the upcoming three weeks since finals are just around the corner and I have months of reading to make up for. I have a big paper due tomorrow for my comparative history class that I haven’t started yet, so as of now it’s looking like I’ll be pulling an all nighter and it probably doesn’t help that I’m blogging right now either :-/

So, since I’m going to be spending most of my time agonizing in the library this until Friday I might as well look cute doing it. Today I’m going for comfy, weather-ready chic in my Andrew Marc leather jacket, Coal beanie, and Paige jeans. I held off on the colored denim trend for awhile because I knew I wanted a staple color but with a twist of funk. Thus meet my new best friend, Paige Edgemont Ultra Skinny. We hit it off at E-Street Denim over Thanksgiving break and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I layered my 525 America fur vest over an Aritzia tank and denim button up. (Aritzia is yet to launch their web store but when they do I'll be sure to blog about it because a hefty chunk of my wardrobe is from Aritzia).

Photography by my one and only: Shelby Burke