cat's closet

by jessica harshman

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I am my mothers daughter without a doubt. If it weren’t for her, its unlikely that I would ever have become a fashion addict. I came home to the North Shore for fall break/Thanksgiving and had to blog about my mom’s impeccable fashion sense because I got it from her. She’s my shopping partner in crime and so incredibly generous that whenever I visit home I never leave empty handed because she insists that I take her newest fur vest, sequin embellished dress, or perfectly practical heals. This trip home Cat (my mom) forked over her Alice and Olivia knit fur cuff dress which I folded into a shirt under my Necessary Clothing faux leather skirt (as pictured above).   

Most of the pieces pictured above are from my mom's closet. The Chanel clutch was recently handed down to my mom from her mom, it goes with everything which is why I wore it basically the whole time I was home. The open-toed suede boots are Diane von Furstenberg that Cat got on sale about a year ago and are my favorite boots in her closet by a long shot, I'm on the lookout for something similar, I'll keep you posted if I find anything. In the second outfit I'm wearing the raddest, most unexpectedly comfortable gold studded cuffs that my mom got from BCBG. She made a thumb whole through the elastic which needless to say turns any wrist into a foxy Cleopatra-esk weapon. The nude silk blouse is Theory and fur collared blazer is by Drew, which my mom got at a boutique in my little hometown of Glencoe. (I tried search the web for information about the brand Drew but not much came up). And the beaded clutch is vintage, it's a very special piece because once upon a time it was my great-grandmothers. 

Below is a picture of my mom and I from this past summer, once again I'm wearing mostly her clothes. This trip she was super busy in the kitchen making a beautiful Thanksgiving feast so I didn't get to take any good pictures with her, but I will when I go home in a month for winter break.  I love you mommy! 

Photography by my sissy: Cara Harshman

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